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25th-Aug-2011 08:30 am - Mission 4 followup
Well, here it is. This mission was amazingly easy to write, since there wasn't really plot or characterization to work with- "Jace and Kallist get it on" is the alpha and omega of this fic. In my typical economy, though, I managed to expand two pages of porn to about twelve pages of PPC material.

I said that changes were coming, and here's the big one: the introduction of Cy. I'd actually planned him out as a replacement for Kirill before I started writing these things- at that point, there was a justified concern that Kirill would simply be too unpalatable for the readers. Oddly enough, Zug/Cy was supposed invert the dynamic of Kirill/Zug; in the former partnership, Cy was the straight man and Zug the eccentric.

When Kirill made the cut, I initially assumed that Cy was gone, but as matters unfolded I realized there was a place for him after all. Kirill was indeed turning into the problem child, though not in the way I'd expected. In my efforts to make him entertaining, he'd evolved an extremely dominant personality, one that demanded as much attention from me as from the other characters. While the more muted characters around him provided a nice contrast, he constantly overshadowed them. Worse, he had no mute button, so the only way to let anyone else shine was to rotate him out of the starting lineup.

This mission is the first and last triple act I intend- when I'm on my game, Kirill and Zug snap and pop in a way that Cy adds nothing to. However, pairing Cy with either of the other two will hopefully lead to a wider range of interactions.

Enough of my pointless nattering. Here's the lewt:

One (1) mind sculpture
One (1) cannon
One (1) pair of mage underwear

One (1) crocked smile
25th-Aug-2011 08:08 am - PPC Mission 4, part 1
Disclaimer: I don't own the PPC (that's Jay and Acacia's,) I don't own Star Wars (if I did, I'd be too busy swimming in a pool of money to write this) and I certainly don't own Easing one's mind (that belongs to Veltana, who is very much welcome to it.)

    Someone rapped loudly on the door of RC 1060. Kirill leaped to his feet, away from the checkerboard.

    “King me, Kirill,” Zug singsonged.

    “We've got work to do.”

    Zug grinned and started to pick up the pieces. Kirill stepping away from the table was as good as a concession. “There's no shame in losing.”

    Kirill glowered, and the knock came again. He pulled the door open. “What?”

    A fist shot through the door, catching Kirill right in the eye. The taller agent reeled back as a blond man with the darkest tan Zug had ever seen stepped through the door and leveled a blaster at him.

    Zug barely made it to his feet before the newcomer fired. Blue rings of energy rippled though the air and he collapsed, unconscious.

Dun dun DUNNNNN!Collapse )
22nd-Aug-2011 10:32 am - Mission 3 followup
God, I hated this one. Not just the writing, mind, though that was pretty damn bad. It's just that everything about this thing seemed jinxed, with multiple upload failures, formatting glitches, and a whole host of problems that just refused to resolve cleanly. To post this, I finally had to turn my template into a .txt file, copy/paste the raw text, and redo all lost formatting on the spot.

The fic itself was pretty bad. It was illogical, and badly written, and so, but the absolute worst part is just how goddamn much of it there was. I excised everything I thought I could get away with, and probably a bit more besides, and the final file was still more than thirty pages. Part of the trouble is that, unlike in mission 2, the pointless parts had important information scattered throughout, so making clean cuts was a lot more difficult than previously.

My missions have been getting longer, but I don't see that trend continuing. This mission pushed the limits of my tolerance and, barring an amazingly entertaining entry, I don't see tackling something this long again. As far as my writing goes, I'm fully aware that this isn't my best work. I wrote the climax while I was drunk, and it shows. Perhaps I'll go back and overhaul it at some point, but right now, I just want to wash my hands of this damn thing.

As far as the agents go, Kirill and Zug are reaching a breaking point. They're becoming aware of each other as people, not just agents or co-workers, but in doing so they've started to realize just how fundamentally at odds they are. Things are going to change soon, and I don't know how- I just know that they can't go on like this much longer.


Nine (9) Undercovers (one deceased)
22nd-Aug-2011 08:10 am - PPC Mission 3, part 1
Disclaimer: I don't own the PPC (that's Jay and Acacia's,) the Harry Potter series (that's J. K. Rowling's) or Harry Potter the Death Eater, that belongs to Spike's Girl (and she can really keep it.) I just like playing in the sandbox they provide.

Let me see if I understand this correctly, the Marquis de Sod said. You claim to be the victims of a predestination paradox, instigated by your own kidnapping of an extra out of a temporally anomalous piece of fanfiction. A piece of fanfiction that, as a result of your investigation, you found yourselves assigned to.

    “Yessir,” Zug said, eyes cast down. He echoed a moment later by Kirill's cheerful “Yep!”

    When this happened, you chose to enter the assigned fic, with the intention of muddling through in the hope that everything would work itself out. And all this you did without leaving anyone, especially Upstairs, any warning or notice of the potential crisis brewing. In light of the fact that you actively restrained the evidence, it would seem that you were not only disinclined to refer the situation to the proper authorities, but actively working to ensure that we were not apprised of the situation while it was still manageable.

    “Yessir,” Zug said again, face reddening.

    “Oh, bullshit,” Kirill said. “We knew right from the beginning that we'd captured this guy. And a good thing, too. We needed him as a temporal whatsis.” Kirill wasn't paying attention to Zug. If he had, he might've noticed the agonized look blossoming over his partner's face as the story came tumbling out of his mouth. “We needed him to get us back to HQ after fixing the fic.”

    The flower was silent for a moment, digesting the new information. No, you didn't, he said. Headquarters is temporally and spatially omnipresent. With a remote activator, you can get here from null space- a dematricized timeline would pose no problem to you.

    “. . .oh.” Kirill looked at Zug. “Well, I'm shot. You got anything?”

Nudity! Violence! Intrigue!Collapse )
15th-Aug-2011 08:50 am - Mission 2 Followup
Eventide, enemies
This mission gave me a lot of trouble. First, I'd have liked to play around more with the numerous misspellings, but when you're incorporating a time travel subplot and running to four pages after making significant cuts to the original story, you do what you can. Second, I couldn't help but find this story charming, in it's own bizarre way; yes, the grammar and spelling are atrocious, and the timeline makes less-than-no sense, and overall it feels like it was written by a ten-year-old, albeit one who's relatively up on the EU. On the other hand, it's something I think most of us could see ourselves writing when we were ten.

That's why I didn't want to kill Abbey. Yes, the story was terribly written and the timeline had to be sorted out, but as near as I can figure, Abbey was born of a genuine desire to be part of the world- and only a part. She was the central character, but she didn't exist for the sole purpose of overshadowing the canons or being awesome. Unless, as Kirill proposes, it's a very subtle parody (which I'm inclined to doubt; trollfics tend to be overtly bad as opposed to simply incompetent) I think this is a fan work by someone who genuinely likes the material, not the love letter to oneself or shameless power fantasy that is at the heart of Mary Sue.

In-character, Zug's decision to spare her was difficult to write, because it was a choice he was having trouble with. His baser instincts told him to strike her down in anger (sorry) and he even sent Kirill away to avoid the temptation he knew his partner would provide. I don't know- and I don't think he knows- if he would've killed her had Kirill not put in his timely appearance. Zug may loathe Abbey, but the prospect of becoming someone Kirill could approve of horrifies him.

Enough burbling about the agents. Here's the loot:

One (1) lightsaber (green)
One (1) sarong (apricot)
One (1) Key
One (1) Imperial Stormtrooper and kit [REDACTED -Marquis de Sod]
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